E-waste contains harmful substances. But through small-scale e-waste recycling in Colombia, the negative impact on the environment has been reduced. In addition, e-waste also contains many valuable materials that can be recycled. To be sure, recycling these materials helps promote sustainable development and resource recycling. More importantly, the Colombian government has promoted small-scale e-waste recycling through various policies such as laws and regulations, the establishment of recycling networks, publicity and education, and the establishment of recycling centers. So small-scale recycling in Colombia is very promising.

What is the recycling system for small scale e waste recycling in Colombia?

The recycling system for small scale e waste recycling in Colombia usually consists of the following links.


The recycling system will establish fixed collection sites. It can also utilize mobile collection vehicles. These collection points are usually located in easily accessible places to the public such as communities, schools, businesses or government agencies. The public can bring discarded electronic equipment to these collection points for recycling.


The recycling system will classify the collected electronic waste and process different types of waste separately. Electronic equipment, such as TVs, phones, and computers, separate themselves for better recycling and processing.This helps improve efficiency.

Dismantling and Processing

After sorting the waste, individuals dismantle and process it. This step can use our company’s e-waste recycling equipment. The e-waste recycling equipment will separate unusable materials from recyclable materials and process the harmful substances generated by this process.


Recycling systems recycle waste after dismantling and processing. You can send recyclable metals, plastics, and glass to corresponding factories for reprocessing and use them to produce new products. Other harmful substances will be professionally processed to ensure safety and environmental protection.

Does Colombia have recycling program?

Yes, Colombia has a corresponding small-scale e-waste recycling program. Here are some relevant small scale e waste recycling in Colombia programs and initiatives.

Government Support

The Colombian government encourages e-waste recycling through legislative and policy measures. For example, the Electronic Waste Management Law promulgated in 2010 stipulates the recycling and processing requirements for electronic waste, and established a national electronic waste recycling fund to support recycling and processing efforts.

Recycling network

Colombia has established a series of recycling networks, including collection points, recycling centers and partners. It also makes it easy for the public to bring discarded electronic devices to designated locations for recycling.

Public education

Government and non-governmental organizations carry out public education activities. As we all know, these events aim to raise awareness and awareness of e-waste recycling.They communicate the importance of recycling to the public and provide relevant information and guidance through campaigns, media coverage and community events.


Governments, private industry, NGOs, and community organizations have formed partnerships to promote e-waste recycling.These partners jointly undertake the construction of recycling sites, maintenance of equipment and promotion of recycling work.

Social Enterprises

In addition, several social enterprises operate e-waste recycling operations in Colombia. So it provides jobs for local people. At the same time, these social enterprises operate by setting up recycling stations, providing recycling services and disposing of waste. All these promote the development of e-waste recycling.

Through the above plans and initiatives, Colombia has made certain progress in small-scale e-waste recycling, promoting the rational processing of e-waste and resource recycling.

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