Circuit board recycling equipment is vital in modern industry and e-waste recycling processes. It not only promotes resource recovery and reuse and reduces environmental pollution, but also brings significant economic benefits. Recycling circuit boards through our circuit board recycling equipment not only improves recycling efficiency but also saves costs. On June 18, 2024, a customer from Ireland sent us an email saying that they needed a 3000kg/h circuit board recycling equipment, and we patiently told them the relevant information. Finally, we reached a cooperation.


What is the price of a circuit board recycling machine that can process 3000kg of material per hour?

The price of circuit board recycling equipment is determined by many factors. We provide the following equipment and their prices based on customer needs.

Crushing equipment

If you want to process 3000kg of PCBs per hour, the YS-500 double-shaft shredder is the first choice. This equipment is not only efficient but also affordable, costing only about $3000. If you want to increase the recycling rate, you may need a YS-300 hammer crusher for secondary crushing. It can crush the material to about 20 mesh and costs about $4000. If you need to consider the budget, you can skip this step.

Screening equipment

The specific gravity screen and high-voltage electrostatic separator are both essential in the 3000kg/h circuit board recycling equipment. First, you can use our YS-700 specific gravity screen to separate the resin powder and copper. This is the most advanced technology in China, which can achieve a metal separation effect of more than 99%. But its price is about $5,000. Then you can use the YS-500 high-voltage electrostatic separator to separate the small copper powder and resin powder again to further improve the recovery rate. Its price is about $3,000.

Dust removal equipment

Our YS-300 pulse purifier is a very good choice for you. First of all, the pulse jet cleaning method can effectively remove the dust on the filter material and keep the equipment running efficiently. In addition, the equipment is usually equipped with an automatic control system, which can realize automatic dust removal, reduce manual operation, and improve work efficiency. More importantly, it costs about $2,000, which is good value for money.

What is the recycling efficiency of this circuit board recycling equipment?

The customer asked if the recycling rate would be low if the equipment with low hourly processing capacity was used, and we gave them detailed data, thus confirming the high recycling rate of our circuit board recycling equipment.

Our e-waste recycling equipment has many national professional certificates and uses the latest recycling technology. Therefore, the recycling rate of our equipment can be guaranteed to be around 95%. In addition, the recycling rate of our equipment will not change due to the model of the equipment.

what separation techniques of pcb recycling equipment

More importantly, our e-waste recycling equipment uses advanced and efficient separation technology and intelligent control systems and has the characteristics of environmental protection, low emissions, and high energy efficiency. In addition, the high recycling rate and low operating costs of our equipment ensure a quick return on your investment, while the operation is convenient, safe, and reliable. Finally, we provide customized solutions and comprehensive after-sales services, continue to innovate, and have a number of patented technologies to ensure that you use the most cutting-edge equipment.

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