In fact, South Africa’s waste legal framework sets out responsibilities for waste management and disposal. Then encourage circular economy and resource recovery. Therefore, recycling lithium batteries can significantly reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. This is in line with South Africa’s Sustainable Development Goals. So our lithium battery recycling equipment plays an important role in the lithium battery recycling solutions in South Africa. Therefore, in March 2023, a customer from South Africa asked us about the relevant solutions for lithium battery recycling. Of course, we finally managed to sign the contract.

Types of lithium batteries.

Customers in South Africa first asked us to understand the types of lithium batteries, and at the same time, we also clarified the relevant requirements of South African customers.

What is the cost of a customer from South Africa?

They needed to save some money, so we decided to tailor the right solution for them. For example, the linear screen model YS-500 and the specific gravity screen are provided on the screening equipment. The former costs about $8,600 and the latter about $9,000. They say the price is very good. And that’s why we work together.

Then in July 2023, South African customers came to visit our factory. Finally we appraise the contract.

What lithium battery recycling methods or processes are currently used in South Africa?

Since our clients are from South Africa, we also provide the following methods according to the relevant policies and markets in their countries.

Environmental organizations and e-waste recycling companies

On the one hand, we found that there are many organizations and companies specializing in e-waste recycling in South Africa. So customers in South Africa can collect, sort and dispose of used lithium batteries. We then send them to a qualified treatment plant for processing.

Electronics manufacturers and suppliers

In South Africa, on the other hand, many electronics manufacturers and suppliers have recycling programs. For example, recycling used lithium batteries. Specifically, they can provide consumers with convenient recycling channels through recycling bins or regular recycling activities. So we told our customers in South Africa about the details, and they were very satisfied.

E-waste treatment plants

On top of that, there are many e-waste treatment plants in South Africa. In addition, they have the proper equipment to handle lithium batteries. This is to recover valuable materials from batteries. The customer also understands this, but is more interested in using our equipment and working with us.

South Africa is still developing and perfecting its lithium battery recycling system. So there are a lot of challenges. But the customers from South Africa were very satisfied with the specific approach we proposed according to them.

How to buy high-quality lithium battery recycling equipment?

We provided the relevant knowledge and equipment details to our customers in South Africa. They also got the information they needed.

First of all, since the demand of South African customers is 0.5 to 0.7 tons per hour, we recommend that they buy YS-500 shredders and crushers. The equipment meets their needs very well.

In addition, we immediately learned that the cost they need is about 40,000 US dollars, so we recommend the purchase of water spray tower as the main dust removal equipment. Because it only costs about $7,000. But it can not only reduce the concentration of harmful gases in the air, but also reduce dust.

Finally, based on all the information and needs of our South African customers, we developed a lithium battery recycling program for them that is perfectly suitable for them. And it only cost $38,000. Thus we establish the contractual relationship. And make sure to deliver it on time.

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining further information on lithium battery recycling solutions or lithium battery recycling equipment.

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