Name: E Waste Recycling Machinery
Power: 3.8- 7.2kW
Weight: 800- kg1200
Maximum Capacity:2000- 3000 per hour
Rated air volume Application: hotel, restaurant, production workshop, home, chemical plant, etc

E waste recycling machinery is equipment used to process and recycle discarded electronic products. Its main function is to dismantle, separate, and process waste electronic products, recover valuable metals, plastics, and other materials, while simultaneously disposing of harmful substances and reducing environmental pollution. E waste recycling machinery usually includes multiple functional modules, such as a disassembly module, separation module, crushing module, sorting module, and more. E waste recycling machinery is of great significance in processing discarded electronic products. It can reduce the harm to the environment and human health, protect the environment and ecosystem, and is an important means to promote green development and sustainable development.

PCB board recycling machines system

What equipment does e-waste recycling machines include?And how do these machines work?

Our e-waste recycling equipment mainly includes the following three categories. We will also introduce to you in detail their working principles. In addition, we will customize the remaining machines according to your specific process flow.

Crushing equipment

e scrap shredders

This e waste recycling machinery primarily crushes used electronic waste and then separates and discharges the crushed materials through a screen or discharge port. This process helps in breaking down the materials into smaller particles for further processing and sorting. Additionally, by utilizing this machinery, valuable metals, plastics, and other materials can be efficiently recovered and recycled, reducing the environmental impact of discarded electronics.

Electronic waste shredder.
Hammer crusher for e-waste recycling.

The high-speed rotating rotor and hammer are utilized to impact and crush the materials into smaller particles, thereby facilitating the separation and sorting process. This innovative technology ensures efficient and thorough crushing of the electronic waste, enabling the recovery of valuable materials for recycling. In addition, the use of these advanced components in the machinery enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the e-waste recycling process.


The material is ground through grinding media to break it into powdery or fine-grained material. Subsequently, the materials that meet the requirements are separated through the screen. This meticulous process helps to ensure that only the desired materials pass through, thereby improving the overall quality and efficiency of the separation process. Additionally, the use of screening technology enhances the precision and accuracy of separating the materials, contributing to the successful recovery and recycling of valuable resources from the e-waste.

Grinder for e-waste recycling.

Dust removal equipment

By utilizing the characteristics of activated carbon, this e-waste recycling machinery effectively adsorbs pollutants in the gas onto the surface of the activated carbon. Consequently, this process achieves a purification effect by capturing and removing harmful pollutants from the gas stream. Moreover, by leveraging the adsorption properties of activated carbon, this innovative technology not only contributes to environmental protection but also supports sustainability efforts in waste management.Furthermore, this process not only ensures efficient purification of the gas but also contributes to environmental protection and sustainability efforts.

By combining multiple treatment methods, the removal of pollutants in oil fumes can be achieved effectively. These methods work together to purify the air and eliminate harmful substances.Furthermore, the combination of various treatment techniques enhances the purification process and ensures thorough cleaning of the oil fumes.In addition, by utilizing a combination of treatments, the purification effects are maximized, resulting in cleaner and healthier air quality.

The pores and fiber structure of the filter material are utilized to filter and remove dust from the air effectively. This process involves using the small openings in the filter material to trap and capture dust particles. Additionally, the fiber structure of the filter material helps to physically block and remove larger dust particles from the air. By leveraging both the pores and fiber structure of the filter material, dust can be efficiently filtered and removed from the air, resulting in cleaner and healthier indoor environments.

The e-waste recycling machinery employs the principles of photocatalysis and ozone oxidation. It can utilize these techniques to effectively eliminate harmful substances in the air. Photocatalysis involves using light to activate a catalyst that breaks down pollutants. Ozone oxidation, on the other hand, relies on ozone molecules to oxidize and neutralize harmful substances. By combining these two methods, the e-waste recycling machinery can efficiently remove pollutants and improve air quality.

The nozzle releases the spray, dispersing it over the gas. This causes the pollutants in the gas to come into contact with the liquid. As a result, a chemical reaction occurs, leading to the separation of the gas and liquid. This process effectively removes pollutants from the gas and helps to clean the air.

This e-waste recycling equipment typically features an air inlet that draws in surrounding air. As the air is sucked into the machine, the internal device rotates or swings to accelerate the airflow. Subsequently, the airflow is pushed towards the induced draft fan. An outlet is then created, generating an air current or wind. The exhausted airflow can be transported or distributed through channels such as pipes and air outlets.

Uses the ionization process to ionize oxygen molecules in the air into positively charged oxygen ions. The electric field attracts and attaches the charged particles to the collector, forming a plasma cloud that purifies the particles and organic matter in the air. Contaminants such as chemical compounds and bacteria.

Screening equipment

Air flow separator


Magnetic separator

Adjusting the magnetic field allows for the effective sorting of various magnetic substances. Additionally, using a magnetic separator enables the efficient separation of these substances to purify ores or recover valuable minerals.

Linear vibrating screen

By utilizing the vibration of the screen, it is possible to adjust the vibration force and the hole size of the screen to screen the material effectively. This process helps in efficiently separating and sorting materials based on their size and other characteristics.

Specific gravity sorting machine

Based on the different densities of the materials, different floating speeds are generated in the sand discharge tank through the action of gravity to achieve material sorting.

vibro sieve separator

This electronic waste recycling equipment vibrates the materials on the screen surface and actively separates and screens them through the holes of the screen based on the size and shape of the particles. Consequently, smaller particles fall into the discharge port below through the holes, while larger particles remain on the screen surface.

High-voltage electrostatic sorting

The principle of high-voltage electrostatic sorting is to adjust the input power supply and boost it to a high voltage of 100,000 volts through a transformer, forming a high-voltage magnetic field that adsorbs conductive metals, thereby achieving the separation of metals and non-metals.

What is the general process flow of e-waste recycling?

E-waste recycling roughly includes the following processes. However, the specific steps will depend on the type of e-waste you recycle. Our company will provide corresponding e-waste recycling machinery and detailed processes.

Sorting and collecting e-waste.

Collection and sorting

Firstly, collect the e-waste and then proceed to sort and process it separately according to the different types of electronic devices.Additionally, this systematic approach allows us to properly identify and process each component accordingly. This ultimately leads to a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly disposal of electronic waste.

Disassembly and Separation:

Before recycling e-waste, one must first disassemble it in order to separate the individual components that make up the electronic device. This crucial step ensures that we can properly sort and process the materials. It allows for the efficient recovery of valuable resources from the electronic waste.

Disassemble the e-waste.
Logistics sorting.

Material sorting and processing

To sum up, the sorting and treatment of disassembled e-waste will first use specialized equipment, which will separate valuable components for recycling, and more importantly, also ensure that any harmful substances are properly disposed of. In addition, we adopt strict safety procedures to ensure environmental protection.

Disposal of hazardous materials.

Hazardous substance treatment

Electronic waste often contains some harmful substances that require special treatment to prevent harm to the environment and human health, such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Consequently, proper disposal and recycling of e-waste are essential to minimize the negative impacts on our surroundings and well-being.

Reuse and recycling

People can reuse and recycle various materials after processing e-waste, which not only helps to reduce waste but also contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the protection of the environment.

Reinvention and utilization.
Waste disposal.

Waste treatment

The recycling facility will generate some waste that cannot be reused, such as residues and dust, throughout the entire recycling process. Additionally, these wastes require specialized treatment to ensure proper disposal and environmental sustainability.

Why choose our e-waste recycling facility?

Our e-waste recycling equipment has many advantages. I will introduce you in detail below.

Our e-waste recycling equipment uses advanced technology and equipment to process and decompose quickly and efficiently, thus improving processing efficiency. Additionally, our equipment is equipped with state-of-the-art features to ensure maximum productivity and effectiveness in handling e-waste materials.

Our recycling equipment is equipped with stringent safety measures to ensure the well-being of operators and the environment, as e-waste may contain hazardous materials.Furthermore, we design our equipment to comply with all safety regulations and standards, providing a secure working environment for all individuals involved in the recycling process.

Our e-waste recycling equipment undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure its reliability and stability, ability to operate for long periods of time and handle large volumes of e-waste.

Some of our e-waste recycling equipment uses automation technology, which can realize automatic recycling and sorting of e-waste. Therefore, we can reduce manual operation and improve efficiency.

Our recycling equipment can not only effectively separate and recycle valuable substances in e-waste, improve resource recovery and reduce waste, but also reduce recycling costs.

Some of our e-waste recycling equipment uses environmentally friendly and energy-saving technology. This will not only reduce the impact on the environment, but also achieve sustainable development.

What services will we provide you when you choose our electronics recycling facility?

These are the services you can get with our e-waste recycling equipment. Furthermore, our company offers a range of additional benefits and features to ensure a comprehensive and efficient e-waste recycling process.

Equipment installation and debugging

We will send professional technicians to your site to install and debug the equipment, furthermore, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Equipment safety debugging.
Training and technical support.

Training and technical support

We will provide relevant training so that your staff can operate the equipment correctly and understand the use methods and precautions of the equipment. At the same time, we will also provide technical support to answer any questions you encounter during use.

Equipment maintenance and upkeep

We will provide equipment maintenance and upkeep services based on the usage of the equipment, in addition, to ensure the normal operation and service life of the equipment.

Equipment maintenance and support.
Supplies available.

Supply of consumables

If the device requires specific consumables or accessories, then we will provide the appropriate consumables. This will also facilitate the maintenance and replacement of your equipment.

Data tracking and reporting

We will provide tracking and reporting of equipment operating data to help you better understand the operating status and processing effects of the equipment, as well as to provide a reference for your management decisions.

Data tracking.

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