Waste circuit board recycling equipment can not only reduce environmental pollution by processing circuit boards but also recover precious metals from waste circuit boards. On April 22, 2024, a customer from Belarus asked us if there was recycling equipment for used circuit boards, and we were very honored.

Circuit board recycling system design

What are the requirements of this customer from Belarus for PCB recycling equipment?

  • Processing 1000 kg of circuit boards per hour.

  • The equipment is simple to operate and easy to maintain, reducing the use cost and maintenance cost.

  • It has a variety of recycling functions to meet the processing needs of different types of circuit boards.

What is the price of circuit board recycling equipment?

The customer from Belarus told our company that they needed to process 1,000 kilograms of equipment per hour. Because we knew the volume of equipment they needed, we customized a solution for him.

Crushing equipment for circuit board recycling

Crushing equipment

YS-800 circuit board shredder is very good to meet their needs, and they are not only lightweight, but also good quality equipment life is very long, is a relatively cost-effective equipment. But it only costs about $4,000. When secondary crushing is required, the YS-500 hammer crusher, which costs only $3,000, can break the material to about 20 mesh, so that the subsequent screening process can be better performed.

Screening equipment

Screening is an important step in obtaining precious metals and requires the use of multiple screening equipment. Such as magnetic separators, air screening machines, specific gravity separators, and so on. A model YS-800 can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000. The YS-1000 specific gravity sorter is another screening device we recommend for our customers from Belarus, and it costs around $4,000. The customer expressed great satisfaction.

Screening equipment for circuit board recycling
Dust removal equipment for circuit board recycling

Dust removal equipment

As pollution becomes more and more serious, various industries are paying great attention to reducing pollution. Our electronic waste recycling industry is duty-bound. Therefore, we recommend the YS-500 water spray tower for our customers, and its price is about 3,000 US dollars. It is inexpensive and has been playing its role in the process of recycling the entire circuit board.

What are the advantages of our circuit board recycling equipment to meet the needs of customers from Belarus?

Our company’s circuit board recycling equipment has the advantage of a wide range of processing. Therefore, it is suitable for many types of waste electronic products in the circuit board. Such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, tablets, etc. Circuit board recycling equipment handles boards from small devices to large appliances. It supports resource recovery and environmental protection. In addition, this wide applicability makes the circuit board recycling equipment become one of the indispensable important equipment in the electronic waste treatment industry. Through the efficient processing of the circuit board recycling equipment, the precious metals and materials in the waste electronic products can be extracted and reused, and the dual purposes of resource recovery and environmental protection can be realized.

Photo with customer in Belarus

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