It is well known that solar panel recycling can greatly reduce the amount of e-waste and reduce the pressure on the environment. In addition, untreated solar panels may release harmful substances, such as heavy metals, damaging the environment and posing a threat to human health. Firstly, valuable raw materials such as silicon, silver, and aluminum can be extracted from recycled solar panels. You can reuse these materials to produce new solar panels or other products, which maximizes the use of resources. On May 8, 2024, a customer from Turkey came to us for information about solar panel recycling.

Photovoltaic panel recycling production line

What crusher can process 7,000 kg of solar panels per hour?

Since we have learned that this customer needs shredder equipment that can process 7,000 kg of solar panels per hour, we have provided them with the following two pieces of equipment.

The shredder when the photovoltaic panel is recycled


The model YS-800 shredder is very good to meet this demand. This shredder not only has high efficiency crushing capacity but also is suitable for crushing a variety of materials. Many customers from Turkey think that this device is very much in line with their requirements and expressed their satisfaction.

Hammer crusher

The YS-500 hammer crusher can break the material torn by the shredder to the required size since the recycling of solar panels requires secondary crushing. This device generates noise that is beneficial for the environment, and it is easy to operate and maintain. So it has always had the title of good quality and low price.

A hammer crusher for recycling photovoltaic panels

How much is the dust removal equipment for solar panel recycling?

In combination with the needs of customers from Turkey, we decided to use a pulse dust collector to dust the entire process.

Pulse dust collector for photovoltaic panel recycling

Our company recommends the model YS-300 pulse dust collector. And the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.9%. Additionally, various industrial fields, such as steel and electrical, can use this device. More importantly, its maintenance work is very simple, only need to regularly check the filter bag and pulse injection device can save a lot of maintenance costs. Although it has many advantages, it only sells for about $3,000.

What are the advantages of our customized recycling solutions for multiple customers from Turkey?

The production line uses advanced disassembly and separation equipment. This equipment can quickly and accurately disassemble and recycle waste photovoltaic panel materials.

The production line adopts closed design and environmentally friendly materials, which can effectively reduce pollution and environmental impact in the production process.

The production line can recycle the waste photovoltaic panels, reduce the procurement cost of raw materials, and also obtain the economic benefits of renewable resources.

The production line can be applied to different types and specifications of photovoltaic panel disassembly. It also has a wide range of recycling applications.

The production line adopts the concept of sustainable development and realizes the recycling of waste photovoltaic panels. This improves the efficiency of resource utilization and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

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