It is well known that you can use solar panel recycling facilities to dispose of discarded solar panels. And in this era, solar panel recycling equipment has good prospects. In addition, the EPA has set regulations for recycling e-waste, including solar panels. To be sure, these regulations require the compliant recycling and disposal of e-waste to reduce environmental pollution. As mentioned earlier, with the support of the policy, the USA customer asked us about solar panel recycling equipment in July 2023. So at his request, we came up with a plan.

What does solar panel recycling equipment include?

As a customer from the USA wanted to know about the solar panel recycling equipment needed to recycle solar panels weighing 0.4t/h to 0.6t/h. Therefore, we provide the following equipment according to his needs.

It is mainly a device that separates the aluminum frame of the solar panel from the glass surface. Therefore, its main function is to simplify the recycling process and facilitate the further processing of solar panels.

It is a device used to crack the waste solar panels. Thus, its main function is to decompose the organic and inorganic substances in the panels.

Remove impurities like dust, pollutants, and particles from solar panels.And keep panels clean to improve efficiency.

Screen the waste solar panels and then sort them into different sizes and shapes for subsequent processing and recycling.

How much does it cost to purchase solar panel recycling equipment?

The price depends on many factors, and below I will describe some of the process of our transaction with this customer.

First of all, this customer from the USA is very concerned about the cost of purchasing equipment. So he provided the specific tonnage he wanted to produce, ranging from 0.4t/h to 0.6t/h. We then provided him with a small device solution tailored to his needs. In addition, we specify that the equipment in this plan includes all of the above devices. The model number is YS-300.

According to our estimates, the device will cost between $55,000 and $76,000. For this reason, the customer is satisfied. Because he thought the price was in line with his expected cost. It is worth mentioning that we will continue to work with our customers. This is to ensure that he receives the best support and service when purchasing the equipment.

Is solar recycling equipment easy to use?

Because the customer is not familiar with solar equipment. So, we explain that general use of it requires specialized skills and specific knowledge. So you may need to understand the working principle, operating procedures, safety precautions, etc. of the equipment.

In addition, some devices may have automatic control systems. Therefore, operators need to be familiar with the control interface and parameter Settings. But don’t worry, our company will provide detailed operation manual and training. These help you understand and operate the equipment. For these reasons, our clients are very satisfied with our services and are happy to enter into a partnership with us.

If you are also interested in various e-waste recycling equipment, welcome to our website. Scroll down to our email address at the bottom of the website and look forward to hearing from you.

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