In Nigeria, recycling circuit boards not only contributes to resource recovery and environmental protection, but also creates economic benefits. In addition, the Nigerian Government supports and encourages the implementation of recycling and reuse programs. At the same time, ngos and social enterprises are also promoting e-recycling activities. In fact, on February 28, 2023, a customer in Nigeria asked us how to recycle circuit boards. We recommend using our electronic recycling equipment.

How to recycle circuit boards?

A customer from Nigeria hopes that we can provide him with a suitable plan and process for recycling circuit boards based on his needs. Thus, we propose the following options and processes based on the budget.

Crushes the waste circuit boards to about 20 mesh.

It can winnow the crushed materials to separate the resin, copper, dust, and fibers. At the same time, the induced draft fan draws the dust and fiber into the collector, and the resin and copper into the grading screen.

Collects dust and fibers, and discharges the collected fibers.

Collects dust and ultrafine fibers generated during the crushing process.

Screen resin and copper. Because it can return the unseparated resin and copper to the host for crushing. Then the separated resin and copper enter the specific gravity separator for sorting.

Separation of specific gravity separation of resin powder from copper. Since the weight of copper is larger than that of resin, the separation of metal and non-metal is realized. To be sure, this is the most advanced technology in the country. Because it can achieve more than 99% of the metal sorting effect.

The tailings are first processed by a specific gravity sorter. They are then separated by high voltage electrostatic separation. Copper powder and resin can therefore be separated.

How much does it cost to recycle circuit boards?

Because customers in Nigeria are very interested in the cost of recycling circuit boards. And then we know that they need 0.7t/h to 1.2t/h recycled boards. So our solution is  in order to configure the two-shaft crusher, hammer crusher and crusher for this customer. Machinery, air screen and other equipment. In addition, there are high-voltage electrostatic separation devices and pulse dust removal equipment.

For the model selection of these devices, you can select the device model as YS-800. In summary, the total cost is approximately $50,000 to $89,000.

Which materials are worth recycling during circuit board recycling?

Our customers inquire about recyclable materials from our circuit board equipment. And then we introduce and explain their utilization one by one.I believe that understanding these is what you need.

Fiber powder

As long as the glass fiber in the circuit board is separated and ground into fiber powder. Then you can use these fiber powders as fillers to make composites or other products.

Resin powder

First of all, the plastic resin in the circuit board can be separated and then crushed into tree fat powder. In addition, these resin powders can also be used in the production of recycled plastic products. Such as injection molding or extrusion molding.


Because the circuit on the circuit board usually uses copper conductors. Therefore, through separation and refining, the copper in the circuit board can be recovered and extracted. In addition, you can reprocess the recycled copper into copper or use it to make electronics.

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