Name: Dual shaft shredder
Power: 5.5 kW
Weight: 5000 kg
Maximum capacity: 1000 kg per hour
Applications: manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, farms, energy and mining, others, advertising agencies, environmental protection, etc

At present, the double-shaft crusher is a commonly used mechanical equipment, mainly used for crushing waste, paper, plastic, wood and metal materials. Therefore, the two-shaft mill effectively crushes waste and materials. This not only saves manpower and time costs. It also reduces environmental pollution and protects the environment. In general, this can promote the recycling of resources.

How does our dual-shaft shredder work?

The working principle of the dual shaft shredder is as follows.

How does the double-shaft shredder ensure safe production and operator safety at work?

It is very important to ensure safe production and the safety of operating personnel. Here are some measures to ensure the safety of your dual shaft shredder.

Training and guidance

First of all, it is necessary to conduct comprehensive training and guidance for the operator, so that it can understand the correct use of the machine, safe operating procedures and emergency measures in detail.

Equipped with personal protective equipment

More importantly, no matter what, ensure that the operator should wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as hard hats, goggles, earplugs and gloves, when using the two-shaft shredder.

Safety warning signs

Then, at the same time, a clear safety warning sign is placed around the dual shaft shredder, in order to remind the operator to pay attention to safety.

Overload operation is prohibited

Finally, in any case, it is strictly prohibited to overload the use of dual-shaft shredders. In addition, according to the specifications and capabilities of the machine to choose the appropriate material for processing, to avoid overheating or damage to the machine.

How to maintain the dual-shaft shredder?

Maintaining your dual shaft shredder is key to ensuring its proper operation and extending its service life. Below are some common maintenance and care questions and suggestions.

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