Electronic waste recycling equipment is an innovative environmental protection equipment, so its main function is the safe and effective treatment and recycling of discarded electronic products. In addition, Our company is very professional in making electronic waste recycling equipment. So if you are interested in e-waste recycling, please contact us.

Flow chart of e-waste recycling equipment

What is the price of e-waste recycling equipment?

Many factors affect the price of e-waste recycling equipment. Next, our company will provide you with suitable equipment according to your specific needs.

For example, if you want to recycle 5,000 kilograms of solar panels per hour, then the shredder for recycling we recommend is the model YS-500 dual-shaft shredder. So it costs about $4,000. In addition, for equipment for screening materials, we would recommend the YS-800 color sorter. In addition, it sells for about $7,000.

If you want to recycle 3,000 kilograms of lithium batteries per hour, then we recommend the model YS-300 magnetic separator for you, which costs about $2,000. In addition, we also recommend the YS-800 hammer crusher, which costs about $5,000. So if you are interested in other equipment, please contact us.

Magnetic separator in e-waste recycling equipment

What are our best-selling electronic waste recycling equipment?

Here are the top three devices by sales. Then I will introduce them to you.

Two-axis shredder in e-waste recycling equipment

Top 1 is the dual-shaft shredder.

A double motor drives the two-shaft shredder and it has a strong shredding force. Because it can effectively deal with various difficult wastes, such as tires, wood, electronic waste, and so on. So, it sells for between $3,000 and $12,000.

Top 2 is the color sorter.

Color sorter is an efficient and accurate electronic waste screening equipment. Because the system is based on color recognition, and it can screen products very precisely. So it sells for between $5,000 and $10,000.

The material after screening by the color separator
Best-selling pulse dust collector

Top 3 is the pulse dust collector

The pulse dust collector uses pulse waves generated by high-pressure airflow to clean and collect dust. Therefore, it has a high dust removal rate and greatly improves air quality. So, various industrial production links widely use it.

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