Recovering precious metals from electronic waste is a complex but valuable process that involves collection, sorting, pretreatment, separation, extraction and refining. Key technologies include physical and chemical separation, electrolysis, and smelting. Many electronic waste recycling equipment are also needed in this process. Our company’s equipment can meet all your requirements because we can customize the equipment and recycling process for you according to your needs.


What precious metals can you get from e-waste?

Depending on how you recycle your e-waste, you can get different precious metals.

Why should you recycle precious metals in electronic waste?


Because precious metals in electronic waste include gold, silver, platinum, etc, these resources have important economic value. By recycling these precious metals, you can not only reduce the mining of mining resources and reduce environmental pollution but also recycle precious resources and obtain economic benefits.

How do you improve precious metal recycling efficiency?

Improving recycling efficiency is one of the core goals of recycling equipment. You can improve precious metal recycling efficiency by choosing electronic waste recycling equipment with professional and efficient sorting capabilities and processing speeds. If you want to recycle lithium batteries, then you can choose our YS-300 specific gravity separator, which can not only screen efficiently with a screening rate of up to 99% but also can handle a variety of materials. In addition, our other equipment, such as the YS-500 hammer crusher, uses a high-speed rotating hammer head to crush materials to about 20 mesh. Therefore, you can easily improve precious metal recycling efficiency by using our equipment.


What is the recycling rate of electronic waste recycling equipment?

What specific measures does our company take in the process to improve the recovery rate of precious metals?

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