Waste circuit boards contain a variety of metals, such as copper, silver, tin, palladium, chromium, etc. PCB recycling machines can achieve resource reuse and create economic benefits by crushing, separating, and purifying useful materials in waste circuit boards. In addition, our PCB recycling machines have professional qualifications, which can not only complete the work efficiently but also at a reasonable price.


What PCB recycling equipment are used in PCB recycling and how do they work?

First you need to use a double-shaft crusher. The task of the crusher is to crush large or thick pieces of waste circuit boards into small fragments. After the crushing stage, you will use a hammer crusher and a hammer crusher to handle the small fragments and crush them into smaller particles. Our hammer crusher is made of wear-resistant and highly durable 65Mn steel, which can effectively crush the waste circuit board fragments.

Crushing equipment

Then, you need to put the crushed material into the vortex screener. Because the vortex vibrating screen is equipped with a 24-mesh screen, it prevents oversized particles from entering the next step. In addition, larger particles will return to the hammer crusher for further processing until the desired particle size standard is successfully reached. Subsequently, the airflow screener becomes the center of the process. Using the different gravity of metal and resin fibers, the coarse metal can be effectively separated from the resin component, with a separation rate of up to about 99%. Because some materials are completely crushed, the gravity of some metals may be similar to that of resin fibers, and air separation cannot separate them clearly. Therefore, depending on the conductivity of the metal in the resin fibers, you can use an electrostatic separator to separate them. The separation rate can reach 99%.

Screening equipment

Throughout the recycling operation, you can use cyclone dust collectors and pulse dust collectors to collect dust with 99.5% efficiency, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Dust removal

What other PCB recycling equipment can improve the recycling rate?


PCB disassembly machine

In pursuit of higher metal purity, you can use an electronic component disassembly machine to disassemble electronic components. It uses the unique characteristics of metal tin melting at high temperature and the friction applied to the circuit board, so this auxiliary equipment can effectively remove electronic components from the waste stream before the main recycling process.

What are the precautions for using a PCB recycling machine?

When using a PCB recycling machine, you need to pay attention to the following aspects to ensure that the equipment operates efficiently and safely.

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