Waste circuit boards (also called printed circuit boards, PCBs) contain a variety of valuable metals and other materials, so they have a very high recycling value. These metals include gold, silver, copper, aluminum, nickel, and tin, among which precious metals are the most valuable. So how should you recycle scrap circuit boards?


Top 1 recycling method for waste printed circuit boards.

Waste Circuit Boards recycling equipment

The final product obtained after processing by the PCB circuit board recycling machine is precious metals (90% copper) and resin fiber powder. The metal separated in this way is of high purity and good quality and can be sold directly to the metal trading market, bringing huge economic benefits.

What is the economic benefit of extracting precious metals from waste circuit boards?

The economic benefit of extracting precious metals from waste circuit boards mainly depends on the following key factors.

The choice of electronic waste recycling equipment depends on the processing capacity you want and the structure of the equipment. For example, the double-axis shredder model YS-300 costs about $2,000. But its processing capacity is about 2,000 kg of electronic waste per hour. In addition, if you don’t consider the price and want equipment from well-known brands, such as Schneider, Siemens, etc., it may be about $2,000 more expensive than ordinary brands. Therefore, the specific price of the equipment depends on your needs.

Price of electronic waste recycling equipment

Waste circuit boards mainly contain precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and a small amount of palladium and platinum. The market prices of these metals fluctuate greatly, and the price directly affects the economic benefits of extraction.

Market price of precious metals

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