Name: Circular Vibrating Screen
Power: 6.75 kW
Weight: 400 kg
Maximum capacity: 5000 kg per hour
Applications: manufacturing plants, etc.

As we all know, the circular vibrating screen is a common solid-liquid separation equipment, and can achieve an efficient and fast separation process. Therefore, using circular vibrating screens can reduce the time and cost of manual operation. At the same time, it can also improve the quality and purity of the product, thus ensuring that it meets the standards and requirements. In fact, industries such as chemical, food, medicine, mining, and others widely use it. This is also because the circular vibrating screen also has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and easy maintenance.

How does the round vibrating screen work?

First, the motor rotates the vibrator eccentric block through a V-shaped belt at high speed. Then running the eccentric block will produce a larger centrifugal force, and finally stimulate the screen box to produce a certain amplitude of circular motion.

Secondly, The screen box transfer on the inclined screen surface will impact the material on the screen. As a result, a continuous throwing motion will be generated.

Finally, at the right time, the material will meet the screen surface. Until the sieve allows particles smaller than it to pass through for the purpose of grading.

3 major functions of circular vibrating screen.

Impurity Removal

Firstly, the first function is to remove broken or under-sized products. Like clumps and other contaminants. And the final quality check is performed through this function.


In addition, it can accurately separate different particle sizes in the product. Therefore, the final material can be classified into different particle sizes. Specifically, this is usually achieved by passing the product through a grid of up to 5 different aperture sizes.

Solid-liquid separation

Finally, it can quickly remove insoluble solid substances from various pulp. Therefore, the slag can be quickly discharged to enable screening of the e-waste recycling process.

6 advantages of circular vibrating screen.

Our circular vibrating screen has many advantages. After summary, there are the following six points.

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