Lithium battery recycling includes resource reuse, reducing the mining of rare metal elements; reducing environmental pollution, avoiding the infiltration of harmful substances into the soil and groundwater; protecting the natural environment and achieving sustainable development; bringing economic benefits and saving resources; preventing safety hazards such as fire or explosion. In general, it has an important impact on environmental protection, resource utilization and safety. Since lithium battery recycling is so important, what are the benefits of recycling lithium batteries for buyers of lithium battery recycling equipment?


What recycling equipment is used for lithium battery recycling?

Our recycling process requires the following lithium battery recycling equipment, including crushing equipment, screening equipment, and dust removal equipment. Crushing equipment includes shredders and hammer crushers for secondary crushing. In addition, screening equipment includes air flow screens, specific gravity screens, and magnetic separators. Finally, dust removal equipment includes activated carbon adsorption boxes, plasma purifiers, oil fume purification equipment, and photo-oxygen purification equipment.

What are the benefits of purchasing lithium battery recycling equipment to recycle lithium batteries?

Purchasing lithium battery recycling equipment to recycle lithium batteries has the following benefits.

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