Electronic waste contains a large amount of metal resources such as copper, aluminum, gold, and silver, which have high recycling value. Its components such as circuit boards and capacitors can be reused in the manufacture of new electronic products. In addition, if you use our company’s electronic waste recycling equipment, you can increase the recovery rate of precious metals in electronic waste.

4 parts of e-waste that can be recycled.

What materials can you recycle with our e-waste recycling equipment?

Common electronic waste recycling can generally recycle precious metals, such as solar panels, circuit boards, and lithium batteries.

How to improve the recycling rate of electronic waste through our electronic waste recycling equipment?

Double-shaft shredder

Our double-shaft shredder can not only adjust the gap between the two shafts according to different materials to produce finer fragments, but also the high-power drive can shred materials to about 20 meshes.


Air flow sorter

If you use it, you can quickly separate materials of different particle sizes, which is more efficient than traditional sorting equipment. In addition, because it adopts air flow separation, the energy consumption is relatively low.

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