Name: Circuit board shredder
Power: 3.75 kW
Weight: 700 kg
Maximum capacity: 1000 kg per hour
Applications: Waste pcb board, household garbage, a variety of waste, etc.

First of all, the circuit board shredder is a device specifically designed to dispose of waste electronic circuit boards. In this case, its function is to crush waste circuit boards and then convert them into recyclable raw materials. In a word, it is very important. Furthermore, the waste circuit board contains valuable materials such as copper, aluminum, gold, and other precious metals. As a result, after crushing, it can be easily recycled, thereby conserving resources and minimizing the environmental impact.Equally important, shredding ensures that data cannot be accessed maliciously, thereby protecting privacy and trade secrets. Because, sensitive personal or company data may be stored on the circuit board.

How to use circuit board shredder?

In contrast, the use of circuit board shredder is relatively simple.



Safety Precautions

5 advantages of circuit board shredder.

You will never regret choosing our circuit board shredder, as it offers numerous advantages. Now, allow me to introduce it to you.

In fact, circuit board shredders can quickly cut and crush waste circuit boards. Given the above points, this saves a lot of processing time and labor costs.

In addition, circuit board shredders usually offer adjustable crushing levels and speeds. All in all, this allows them to adapt to different board and machining requirements.

In addition, the board shredder is equipped with safety features such as an emergency stop button. What’s more, they also have overload protection mechanisms. Consequently, they can ensure the safety of operators during the shredding process.

Furthermore, waste circuit board shredders commonly incorporate advanced energy-saving technology, leading to a reduction in energy consumption. In addition, by cutting and crushing, the volume of discarded circuit boards can be greatly reduced. All in all, this helps make it easier to dispose of during the subsequent recycling process.

Finally, circuit board shredders usually come with safety features. Specifically, these include emergency stop buttons and overload protection mechanisms. As a result, these features guarantee the safety of operators throughout the shredding process.

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