Name: Gravity separator
Power: 4.0 kW
Weight: 1300 kg
Maximum capacity: 5000 kg per hour
Applications: Building materials stores, construction engineering, energy and mining, etc.

As we all know, gravity separator is a commonly used industrial equipment. Specifically, it separates the particles in the mixture according to different gravity. In addition, it has low operating costs and strong adaptability. Therefore, many fields widely use gravity sorters. For example, the mining industry often uses it to separate ore. In addition, industrial wastewater treatment often uses gravity separators for solid-liquid separation. Therefore, the gravity separator is of great significance to improve the efficiency of resource utilization and environmental protection.

What are the factors affecting the sale of gravity separators?

Factors affecting the sale of gravity separators include but are not limited to the following aspects.

Product Features

First of all, remember that the technical performance and characteristics of the gravity separator will affect its sales. Such as separation efficiency, type of applicable materials and concentration range.

Price and Cost

In addition, the price and cost of gravity separators will also affect their sales. For example, high prices may deter buyers, while high costs may affect suppliers’ profit margins.


Subsequently, there are other suppliers on the market offering similar gravity separator products. So their product quality, performance, price and other factors will have an impact on sales.

Brand and reputation

Last but not least, the brand awareness and reputation of suppliers have a certain impact on sales. Therefore, suppliers with good reputation and high visibility are more likely to gain the trust and choice of customers.

How much does a gravity separator cost for sale?

First of all thank you very much for your interest in the price of the gravity separator we sell. Similarly, the price of our equipment varies according to its performance and specifications, usually ranging from $1,250 to $1,650. However, due to the high production capacity and moderate price of the equipment we provide, we have won the trust and long-term cooperation from our customers.

In addition, we design and manufacture our gravity separators using advanced technology and an experienced team of professionals.Therefore, the high quality and stable performance of the equipment can be ensured. In addition, we provide customers with a full range of after-sales service, including equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance support. Finally, after you purchase the equipment, our team will provide you with installation instructions and operating manuals to ensure that you can use the equipment correctly.

Most importantly, we are committed to customizing the most suitable equipment solution for your specific needs and budget. In addition, we also cooperate with a number of brands to constantly update equipment to meet the needs of different customers. Finally, if you have any further questions about our gravity separators or need detailed product information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to providing you with satisfactory solutions.

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