Name: Cable Recycling Machine
Power: 7.2-9.2kW
Weight: 1000-2000 kg
Maximum capacity: 1000-2000 kg/h
Applications: e-waste recycling, Machinery industry, etc.


Recycling facilities use cable recycling equipment to recycle and process waste cables. It actively separates, crushes, sorts, and regenerates waste cables to recover useful materials and resources. Waste cables contain a large amount of valuable metal materials, such as copper, aluminum, etc. Through recycling, these resources can be effectively recovered, the exploitation of natural resources can be reduced, and the pollution to the environment can also be effectively reduced.

Our cable recovery equipment has safety features.

What do waste cable recycling machine include and how they dispose?

Our cable recycling machine includes these six devices, and I will introduce their working principles to you in detail next.

How should you recycle electrical cables?

After understanding the cable recycling equipment, the next step is the specific process of cable recycling.

Firstly, collection can be done through cooperation with municipal waste treatment centers or by setting up dedicated recycling sites. During the collection process, one should pay attention to classifying and sorting waste wires and cables for subsequent processing.

Then the dismantling work is to break down the waste wires and cables and separate their outer insulation layer and inner conductors.

Secondly, the separation of waste wires and cables is carried out. The separation work is to separate useful metal materials from other materials in waste wires and cables. Commonly used equipment is magnetic separator.

Finally, we can separate copper, aluminum, and other metal materials from waste wires and cables. It can melt these materials through smelting processes for reuse.

Which cables are worth recycling with your cable recycling machine? What are they recycled from?

Cable recycling machines mainly use to recycle discarded cables, including but not limited to the following types of cables.

These cable recycling machines mainly recycle metal and plastic from scrap cables. During the recycling process, the cable recycling machine separates the plastic and metal in the cable sheath through processes such as stripping, crushing and separation.Among them, people can recycle and reuse the metal part, which is usually copper or aluminum.; while the plastic part is usually polyvinyl chloride (PVC), etc., which can be recycled and processed into new plastic products. This can realize resource utilization and environmental protection of discarded cables.

Why choose our cable recycling equipment?

Our waste cable recycling equipment has many advantages, which I will introduce to you below.

Technical advantages

Our advanced technology and patented cable recycling equipment can efficiently and accurately separate metal and plastic, improve recycling efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and resource waste.

Our cable recycling equipment has expertise.
Our cable recycling equipment can handle large quantities of used cables.

Processing capacity

Our cable recycling equipment ensures that it can handle large amounts of waste cables, improving recycling efficiency and production capacity.

Safety performance

Our cable recycling equipment has safety protection devices and operating specifications to ensure the safety of operators and prevent accidents.

Personnel operating cable recovery follow the safety management system.
Our cable recycling equipment has professional after-sales service.

Maintenance and after-sales service

We have a professional team and a complete after-sales service system of suppliers who can provide equipment maintenance, maintenance and fault repair services to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

How to Improve Safety in Using waste cable wire recycling machine?

There are four ways to choose from.

What is the significance of recycling waste cables?

By actively recycling waste wires and cables, we can effectively utilize these useful metal materials and reduce the mining of mineral resources, thereby lowering resource consumption and environmental damage.

Discarded wires and cables may contain harmful substances. Through proper recycling and processing, this kind of environmental pollution can be avoided.

Discarded old cables may pollute the environment.
Recycling cables can be a source of sustainable profits.

Recycling and reusing useful metal materials in waste wires and cables can achieve certain economic benefits, especially when the metal market price is high, recycling waste wires and cables can become a sustainable source of profit.

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