There are many difficulties in the disposal of lithium-ion battery waste. For example, discharging too quickly may cause the internal temperature of the battery to rise too fast. This affects battery life and safety. Therefore, specialized discharge equipment is a necessary condition for the efficient handling of large lithium battery packs or battery packs. However, discharge lithium batteries have important safety, environmental protection and battery life problems. Therefore, by correctly handling the discharge of lithium batteries, you can not only better protect the environment, but also extend the service life of the battery. More importantly, for lithium-ion battery waste how to discharge, our company has its own set of equipment and treatment programs.

How to discharge a lithium ion battery waste?

The raw materials processed by this process are all kinds of monomer lithium batteries. Such as soft pack batteries, cylindrical batteries, and so on. And you need to discharge according to its different characteristics.

In view of the characteristics of soft-pack batteries, You can use acupuncture to acupuncture the batteries to achieve the purpose of discharge.

In view of the characteristics of cylindrical batteries, you can acupuncture the batteries through rotary cutting to achieve the purpose of discharge.

After discharging different batteries, operators drop them into the discharge cooling box for water cooling.In order to prevent problems such as smoke generated during the discharge process. So after discharging different batteries, you need drop them into the discharge cooling box for water cooling. In addition, you need process discharged batteries through crushing and sorting equipment for recycling purposes.Processing discharged batteries for recycling purposes involves crushing and sorting equipment.

What equipment is involved in discharging lithium batteries?

Regarding the problem of how to discharge a lithium ion battery waste, our company can provide the following two devices to solve this problem.

Acupuncture discharge equipment

The equipment feeds charged lithium-ion batteries through a conveyor, and then acupuncture rollers discharge the lithium-ion batteries. By adjusting the gap between the needle roller and the feeding table, you can meet the discharge needs of different types of lithium-ion batteries.

Spray equipment

Send the needle-discharged lithium-ion battery into the mesh belt conveyor. A spray device cools the temperature during the transportation process. And then a water tank is equipped at the lower part of the conveying device.

How to ensure the safety and stability of the discharge process?

There are some safety risks in the process of discharging lithium batteries. However, following specific operations can help avoid most risks in the process of discharging lithium batteries.

First of all, we must choose professional unloading equipment. This is to ensure control of discharge speed and parameters. This requirement can consider our discharge equipment, it is worth your purchase.

Control discharge speed according to battery specifications and requirements. Therefore, it can avoid overheating or damage to the battery due to too fast or too slow discharge.

If you want to discharge, then you should regularly monitor the temperature, voltage, current and other parameters of the battery. Therefore, you can spot anomalies in time and take action.

In fact, the unloading operation procedures should be strictly followed. This not only ensures that the operator has the relevant skills and experience, but also avoids safety problems caused by operational errors.

Reasonably control the discharge time as needed to avoid causing battery damage or safety hazards due to excessive discharge.

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