Name:Copper Wire Shredder Machine
Power: 5.5 kW
Weight: 4150 kg
Maximum capacity: 1000 kg per hour
Applications: mechanical repair shops, manufacturing plants, etc

As we all know, the copper wire shredder is specially used for the treatment of scrap copper wire equipment. Specifically, the main function of the copper wire shredder is to crush and decompose copper scrap wire. Primarily, this facilitates efficient sorting and recycling, ultimately turning it into a reusable copper resource.In addition, the copper wire shredder plays an important role in the recycling of copper waste resources. On the one hand, it can reuse resources and save energy and resources. On the other hand, it can reduce waste emissions and improve work efficiency.

What type of copper wire can the copper wire shredder  machines process?

All factors taken into account, copper wire shredders can generally handle various types of copper wire, including but not limited to the following types.

Copper wire with insulation layer, such as power cables, wires, etc.

Bare copper wire without insulation, such as exposed wires, exposed cables, etc.

A copper wire mesh woven from multiple strands of copper wire, such as shielded wire, conductor mesh, etc.

You can use copper wire for welding, such as welding cables, welding wires, etc.

copper pipe, such as water pipe, air pipe, etc.

In fact, it is important to realize that copper wire shredders come in a variety of models and specifications. Because, this leads to differences in processing capacity and applicable specifications. Therefore, if you purchase copper crusher accordingly, then please be careful. Because you should decide according to your actual needs and the type of copper wire processed. In short, it is best to understand clearly and then choose the machine that suits your needs.

How is the quality of our copper wire shredder machines? How long can it be used?

First of all, our copper wire shredder uses high-strength materials. It can be known that its performance is stable, can run stably for a long time, and thus is not prone to failure. In addition, we cooperate with many big brands. For example, including Siemens and Schneider, etc. can fully meet your high quality requirements for copper wire shredders.

Although the service life of the copper shredder is determined by a variety of factors. (On the one hand, it depends on daily maintenance and frequency of use. On the other hand, it also depends on environmental conditions and other factors.)But as long as you choose our copper wire shredder and operate it correctly, and perform regular maintenance. For example, regular cleaning and lubrication of machine parts to avoid overload use. In fact, compared to other devices, you can use it for years or even longer.

How to use copper wire shredder?

The following is the general method of using a copper wire shredder.

  • First of all, no matter what, please remember to wear safety equipment. Such as gloves and goggles.

  • Next, connect the power supply first, and then follow the instructions to start the machine correctly.

  • Third, while copper scrap is loaded into the feed port, avoid loading items that are too hard or unbreakable.

  • In fourth place, there is no doubt to adjust the blade spacing or speed. Because of the need to control the granularity of copper particles being processed.

  • Moreover, when starting to crush copper scrap, it is essential to carefully monitor the operation of the machine. Additionally, attention must be paid to ensure proper functioning.

  • Subsequently, the copper wire particles or fragments generated are gathered for future packaging, storage, or recycling purposes. And then, they can be utilized accordingly.

  • In short, it is important to shut down the machine and perform cleaning and maintenance tasks. In this way, the best function of the machine is ensured.

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