As we all know, recycling copper from wire is not only conducive to environmental protection and resource conservation, but also creates economic value and promotes sustainable development. Therefore, many people believe that the recycling of copper is an important environmental protection measure and industry development direction. However, insulation usually covers the wire. Therefore, other metals and non-metals may be mixed with the wire. From this perspective, recycling copper requires manpower, equipment and manual operation. So how do you recover copper from wires? Our company has complete equipment and reasonable solutions to meet your needs and complete the process of recycling copper from wire.

How do you get copper out of wire?

The question of how to recycle copper from wire involves many processes, and our company does it all with our equipment. We will also provide you with the solutions and equipment you need.

First, you need to collect discarded wires, including household wires, construction wires, communication wires, etc.

Strip the waste wires to separate the insulation from the copper wires. And then one can carry out mechanical peeling or chemical peeling. Besides this step uses our cable stripping tool.

Crush and crush the stripped copper wire. We recommend our shredder to make it easier to process in the next step.

Separate copper from other metals through our magnetic separator. Because copper has good magnetic properties. So one can magnetically separate it.

The process further extracts the copper from other impurities by leaching or smelting the separated copper.One can carry out this step using methods such as chemical dissolution, electrolysis, or smelting.Refining and purification: Finally, the extracted copper is refined and purified to obtain high-purity copper metal.

Is the copper in recycled wire affected by some special wire types or materials?

The answer is yes. In fact, the type and material of the wire will affect the copper content in the recovered wire. In addition, when our company recycles the copper in the wire, we will provide you with the appropriate treatment method according to the type and material of the wire.

Copper wire types

Different types of wires may contain different levels of copper. For example, home wires are often copper core wires, which contain higher purity copper and are therefore easier to recycle. However, other types of wire, such as clad copper wire, aluminum wire, etc., may require more complex processing methods to recover copper.

Insulating Materials

You can use insulating materials such as plastic, rubber, etc., to cover the wires. In addition, different types of insulation require different stripping and treatment methods.

Other Specialty Wires

Some special-purpose wires, such as those coated or covered with special materials, may require more sophisticated treatment methods to recover the copper.

How economically viable is it to recycle copper from wires?

The next two points are what you need to consider.

Metal Price

In fact, the economic viability of recycled copper depends largely on the price of copper on the market. And because copper is an important industrial metal. So the market demand is large, the same price will be relatively stable. Thus if the market price of copper is higher, recycling copper from wires will have a higher financial return.

Recycling costs

Recovering copper from wires requires stripping, handling and decontamination costs. So you can see that these costs include labor, equipment, and chemical processing. In addition, if economic viability is to be ensured, the value of recovered copper should offset or exceed the cost of recovery.

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