Shredder is a best-selling electronic waste recycling equipment, and its function and performance selection are very important for electronic waste recycling. Before buying a shredder, first understand your use needs. Decide which type of shredder to buy based on various factors such as the size and amount of e-waste you want to dispose of. Of course, price is also a very important determinant. If you are interested in purchasing this equipment, please contact our company and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Working drawing of shredder

No.1 is the reason to buy a shredder.

Let’s talk about why you choose to buy a shredder. The shredder plays a key role in the electronic waste treatment process. Its main function is to break down waste electronic equipment, making it easier to separate and recycle valuable materials. Therefore, through the shredder, we can quickly and efficiently process the recovered electronic equipment, thereby improving the efficiency of recycling, further protecting the environment, and reducing the waste of resources.

Economic benefit

First of all, the purchase of a shredder can bring certain economic benefits. Shredders can break down electronic devices into parts, allowing for the recycling and reuse of these components. By choosing the appropriate treatment method, reusable materials and components in waste electronic equipment can be effectively recycled. This reduces resource waste and creates opportunities for the environmental protection industry. At the same time, recycling e-waste can also recover a certain economic return, helping to reduce processing and recycling costs.

Protect the environment

Secondly, buying a shredder can avoid environmental pollution. There are a lot of harmful substances in e-waste, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals, if not professionally treated, will cause serious pollution to the environment. The use of shredders to decompose and treat electronic waste can effectively separate harmful substances and protect the environment from pollution.

Easy to use

The efficiency and convenience of the shredder are also important factors that attract many people’s interest. Modern shredders are intelligent in design, easy to operate, and can quickly and thoroughly deal with e-waste. You can easily put waste equipment into the shredder and easily set the shredding mode and granularity through the control panel. This greatly improves the efficiency of e-waste recycling, saving time and effort.

No.2 is to consider the performance of the shredder.

Shredder performance includes many aspects, if you want to buy please look carefully at the following introduction.

Work efficiency

If you want to buy the right shredder, first consider how fast you need shredding efficiency. For example, the model YS-800 can process 2,000 kilograms of e-waste per hour. If you don’t need such fast efficiency, you can also choose the model YS-500, which can only process 1500 kg of e-waste an hour.

High efficiency of shredder
Shredder discharge

Size of material after crushing

The structure and working principle of the shredder directly determine its shredding effect on the material. For example, the two-axis shredder is suitable for harder materials, and its two-axis design can effectively tear the material into smaller particles; The blade shredder is suitable for soft and fragile materials, and its high-speed rotating blade can quickly cut the material into fine pieces. When purchasing a shredder, it is important to choose the right type based on material characteristics. Adjusting the working parameters of the shredder accordingly ensures the best shredding effect.


First of all, a durable shredder should have a strong structure and reliable internal components. At the same time, the powerful motor and stable circuit design are also important factors to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. Secondly, a durable shredder should have a good heat dissipation and protection system. Good heat dissipation design in equipment prevents overheating during long-term use. It extends equipment lifespan and enhances stability. You can judge whether the product has durability according to the manufacturer’s user evaluation and their professional certificates. In addition, our company equipment is professionally tested. If you have this need, we will be a good partner for you.

Shredder has a wide range of application

No.3 is the price of the shredder.

The most important thing to buy a shredder is of course the price. But shredders range in price from $2,000 to $10,000. The price of shredders is a complex and changeable issue, which is affected by many factors.

The brand of shredder

Brand factor

In the price of the shredder, the brand plays a decisive role. Well-known brands are often able to offer more reliable and durable products at relatively high prices. Such as Siemens, and Schneider. It is not uncommon for their equipment to cost tens of thousands of dollars. This depends on whether your budget is sufficient. At the same time, there are some unknown or niche brands in the market, that have a certain competitive advantage in terms of price, but you need to evaluate their quality and after-sales service more carefully when you buy.

Functions and specifications

Shredder than common office equipment, specifications, and functions in the market there are great differences. Some shredders can handle large electronic equipment, such as old printers, scanners, etc., which can cost between $4,000 and $5,000.Others are better suited to handling small electronics. These devices will be cheaper, between $2,000 and $3,000. The processing capacity of the shredder and the diversity of the processed items directly affect its performance and scope of use. In general, shredders with more functions and higher specifications often require more expensive materials and more complex processes, which makes the price rise. Therefore, considering the type and scale of the items needed to be processed, one needs to consider the purchase of the right shredder.

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