Aluminum is a rare metal, and its mining and refining have a serious impact on the environment. By recycling waste aluminum products, we can save a large amount of natural resources and reduce damage to the environment. However, a variety of reasons can complicate aluminum recycling. Such as mixing with other materials and changes in product quality and purity. The process of recycling aluminum is a problem that our company has been working on for a long time. So we have a lot of solutions and equipment to do that.

What is aluminum recycling?

Due to its versatility and durability. So aluminum is a very popular metal. Thus, various industries use aluminum. Such as transportation, electronics and power transmission.Recycling is also very popular due to its low energy consumption and high scrap value.

Aluminum does not degrade during the recycling process because its atomic structure does not change when melted. Therefore, it is an economical and environmentally friendly recycled metal. Producing recycled aluminum only uses 5% of the energy required to create primary aluminum. It can have the same properties as the parent metal. In fact, you can recycle aluminum endlessly without any loss of material properties.

The value of scrap aluminum.

Scrap aluminum is highly sought after and highly valuable to scrap metal dealers. These dealers will usually pay you by the kilogram or ton, not just by the number of aluminum cans you recycle. In addition to beverage cans, you can also recycle other types of aluminum scrap such as cables, radiators, sheets and other aluminum alloy products. Fluctuations in the global market will affect the price of scrap aluminum. Therefore, when choosing recycling channels and opportunities, you need to pay attention to market supply and demand conditions and value changes.

If your area is economically developed with heavy industry and manufacturing, there may be more scrap aluminum resources and recycling opportunities. Therefore, recycling scrap aluminum can not only achieve economic returns, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

How can aluminium be recycled?

The process of recycling aluminum through our aluminum recycling machine is as follows.

How to screen out materials worth utilizing during the aluminum recycling process?

Our company can provide many solutions on how to recycle aluminum according to your needs. More importantly, the process of separating impurities and non-metallic substances requires our screening equipment. Because sorting can improve the recycling rate of aluminum. Efficiency and Purity.

Magnetic separator

By adjusting the magnetic field, magnetic separator, etc., you can sort different magnetic substances to purify ores or recover useful minerals.

Eddy current separator

The eddy current separator uses a rotating magnetic field to generate an eddy current effect to separate conductive materials and non-conductive materials in the eddy current separator.

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