The disposal of waste electronic waste has been concerned. With the acceleration of scientific and technological progress and the increase of people’s dependence on electronic equipment, the scale of waste electronic waste is also expanding day by day. How to deal with these waste electronic waste efficiently and environmentally has become a serious task in front of us.

Waste circuit board recycling production line

What are the ways to dispose of e-waste?

There are many ways to recycle electronic waste, such as chemical treatment, electrochemical treatment and so on. However, we recommend recycling, because it can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also bring certain economic benefits. Because used e-waste contains precious metals. For example, waste solar panels can be recycled through our company’s cracking furnaces, color sorters and other electronic waste recycling equipment, and copper can be obtained.

What is the recycling rate of e-waste?

There are many factors determining the recovery rate of e-waste, but the most important is the recovery rate of e-waste recycling equipment. High-quality e-waste recycling equipment can improve the e-waste recovery rate, thereby increasing economic benefits. For example, our company’s two-shaft shredder has the characteristics of large torque and high output, which can break various difficult materials efficiently. As a result, the recovery rate was increased to 90 percent. The recovery rate of an ordinary two-shaft shredder is only 70 percent. All in all, if you want to increase the recycling rate, it is very important to choose the right recycling equipment. If you are interested in our company’s recycling equipment, please ask us.

Two-axis shredder in waste e-waste recycling production line

What is the environmental impact of e-waste?

Activated carbon adsorption box in waste e-waste recycling production line

E-waste is considered hazardous waste because it contains toxic substances, or can produce toxic chemicals when disposed of improperly. Therefore, it has the harm of polluting the environment. In addition, the accumulation of electronic waste not only affects the beauty of the city, but also wastes resources. Because there are a lot of recyclable resources in e-waste. Therefore, recycling through recycling equipment can solve this problem. Moreover, there are also special dust removal equipment in the recovery, such as activated carbon adsorption boxes, spray towers, etc., which can reduce environmental pollution.

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