Name:Old solar panel dismantling equipment
Power: 5.5-9.0 kW
Weight: 4000-7500 kg
Maximum capacity: 1000-5000 kg per hour
Applications: manufacturing plants, etc.

In short, the disposal of old solar panels is mainly through physical and chemical methods to treat used solar panels. It is then separated to extract useful substances (such as silicon, aluminum, silver, etc.). In general, the treatment process includes steps such as crushing, screening, sorting and dissolution. It is therefore possible to effectively separate the various components from the used solar panels and reuse them. And it can also reduce the waste of resources and environmental pollution. What’s more, the recycled useful materials can be reprocessed to produce new solar panels or other products. This not only extends the service life of resources, but also reduces production costs. In summary, the disposal of waste solar panels has an important role and significance in resource recovery and environmental protection.

How do solar panel recycling facilities work?

The disposal of old solar panels mainly uses these five major equipments. Next, I will introduce to you their functions.

First, it can effectively disassemble and sort waste solar panels. Therefore, it can not only recover valuable materials but also reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

Pyrolysis machine

The device separates harmful and useful substances in the solar panels during the recycling process of old solar panels. In addition, through the pyrolysis equipment, the glass, aluminum, silicon and other materials in the solar panel can be separated and recycled. At the same time, it can actively treat and dispose of harmful substances such as organic glue and toxic metals to avoid environmental pollution. Therefore, cracking equipment plays a key role in the solar panel recycling process.

Dust removal system

If you use pyrolysis equipment to treat solar panels for so long, it will produce exhaust gas and dust. You can be sure it contains harmful substances and dust particles. Therefore, it is necessary for the dust removal system to effectively purify and filter these exhaust gases and dust through the dust collector, filter and other components, and adsorb, capture or separate the harmful substances and particles. In this case, it can achieve the purpose of purifying the air, protecting the environment and ensuring the health of the operator.

Screening equipment

Screening equipment plays a role in the disposal of old solar panels for particle size classification and separation of waste. Therefore, it helps to improve recycling efficiency and resource utilization, reduce environmental load, and promote the development of circular economy.

Collection bin

We use equipment to store and temporarily store recycled materials in silos. A silo is typically a closed storage container that holds solar panel chips or granules of varying sizes or grades separated from screening equipment or other processing equipment.

What is the process of solar cell recycling?

Follow these steps to learn about disposal of old solar panels.

First, the frame will separate the old solar panels and the aluminum frame from the rest of the components. Therefore, it will facilitate subsequent processing.

In addition, the device breaks the battery panel into smaller materials. Therefore, it is convenient for subsequent processing and classification.

Subsequently, the dust and exhaust gases generated during the cracking process need to be treated through a dust removal system. This ensures a clean and safe production environment.

In fourth place, the device can store and distribute cracked materials. Therefore, it can facilitate the subsequent classification and processing.

In the fifth place, the broken material is sifted through the linear vibrating screen. Particles of different sizes and shapes can therefore be separated to prepare for subsequent light selection and screening.

Another point is that the device uses optical principles to optically classify materials. Therefore, the recovery efficiency is improved.

Finally, the device uses the power of the air flow to screen. Specifically, it is based on the different density and weight of the material to screen, separate valuable materials, so as to further improve the efficiency of recycling.

Which materials in the solar panel waste recycling process are worth recycling, and how should you utilize their resources?

Older solar panels are mainly made up of materials such as silicon wafers, glass, aluminum frames and copper strips. And these components can be used efficiently in the disposal process of old solar panels.

Silicon wafers

First, we can recycle silicon wafers from solar panels by smelting them. In this case, it is convenient to use them to produce new silicon wafers or other silicon products.


Second, we can recycle the glass in solar panels. Therefore, it can be used in the production of glass bottles, glass fibers and other recycled glass products.

Aluminum frame

Third, the aluminum frame can be recycled by smelting to produce recycled aluminum. And then this recycled aluminum can also be used to make new aluminum products. For example, aluminum doors and Windows and aluminum auto parts.


In addition, the sealant can be separated by pyrolysis or chemical treatment to separate the useful ingredients. Such a process can be easily reused.

Silver paste

What’s more, the silver paste can be separated into pure silver by chemical treatment. Therefore, it can be used for the reproduction of silver paste or other silver products.

Copper strip

Finally, the recovered copper comes from melted copper strips. Therefore, copper strip can produce copper products. Such as, wire and cable.

When utilizing these materials, you should pay attention to the following points:

Ensure that the resource utilization process is environmentally friendly

First of all, we must remember to adopt green and low-carbon resource recycling technology. Therefore, you can reduce the impact on the environment in the process of resource utilization.

Improve resource utilization

In order to reduce resource waste, it is important to recycle and reuse materials in solar panels. This not only conserves resources but also promotes environmental sustainability.

Why you should choose us for pv panel recycling?

Company reputation and qualifications

First of all, the good reputation and legal qualifications of our company guarantee a compliant and reliable recycling process. Above all, we put environmental friendliness first. Additionally, our commitment to sustainability ensures responsible handling of materials.

Recycling technology and equipment

Second, our company has advanced recycling technology. This makes it possible to dispose of old solar panels efficiently and safely. All in all, it helps to reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable development.

Environmental policies and practices

In addition, if our company is dealing with old solar panels, then we will comply with environmental regulations and take environmental measures. Because it helps to reduce our impact on the environment.

Price and service

Most importantly, with competitive prices, our company offers equipment that is good value for money. In addition, we give priority to quality products and excellent customer service. So let us be your cost effective partner.

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