With the wide use of electronic equipment, waste electronic waste is gradually increasing. Therefore, the e-waste recycling industry has also developed rapidly. Because waste electronic waste contains many precious metals, recycling waste electronic waste can obtain certain economic benefits. Therefore, the use of electronic waste recycling equipment has also become widespread among customers. In addition, customers who buy our company‘s equipment are highly praised for the equipment.

The advantages of our e-waste recycling equipment

What are the advantages of our e-waste recycling equipment?

The following are the two main advantages summarized, but the advantages of our equipment are countless. If you are interested in our equipment or would like more information, please contact us.

The hammer crusher in our e-waste recycling equipment

First of all, our e-waste recycling equipment has leading technology. By introducing the latest shredding and screening technologies, we are therefore able to efficiently separate and recycle various components and materials in electronic products. For example, they cast the working hammer head of the hammer crusher using a new process, which gives it the characteristics of wear resistance and impact resistance. The hammer head of this material can extend the service life and reduce the frequency of replacement. Therefore, it can produce a more uniform crushing effect and meet some production needs with higher particle size requirements. In addition, it can break and form once, eliminating the need for secondary processing, offering a large production capacity, and consuming less energy per unit of product. You can apply it to various e-waste recycling processes. If our equipment interests you, please contact us.

In addition to this, our company also focuses on providing high quality recycling services. So our equipment is stable, efficient and capable of handling many types and sizes of e-waste. For example, the material in our air screening machine remains in a suspended state due to the air stream, effectively avoiding particle-screen contact and reducing the risk of screen wear and blockage. In addition, the control of air flow makes the screening process more accurate and can be adjusted as needed to achieve the purpose of screening with different particle size requirements. In addition, we have experienced staff who are familiar with the structure and processing process of various electronic products.

Horizontal airflow screens in our e-waste recycling equipment

How is e-waste recycled through our company’s program?

There are many processes for e-waste recycling. However, our company will customize the recycling program for you according to your specific needs.

Cracking model of recycled photovoltaic panels

If you want to recycle 8,000 kg of solar panels per hour, the YS-1000 cracking furnace can not only melt EVA glue, but also perfectly meet your needs. In addition, the YS-800 color sorter screens copper. And it’s a very good price, only about $5,000. If you want to know the detailed program, please contact us.

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