Recycling solar panels is for environmental and resource conservation reasons. Solar panels contain many valuable and recyclable materials such as silicon, silver, aluminum, etc., which will pollute the environment if not properly handled. Recycling these materials can reduce the demand for new resources. In addition, recycling also has economic benefits. By reusing these materials to make new solar panels or other products, costs can be reduced. At the same time, this is also a way to promote sustainable development and help achieve a balance between environmental protection, resource conservation and economic benefits.


What is the process for recycling solar panels?

Place the discarded photovoltaic panels on the disassembly line and decompose the panels into components such as cells, glass and backplanes manually or mechanically.

The disassembled cells and backplanes are crushed for further separation and recycling.

The crushed cells, glass and backplanes are separated by separation equipment. After crushing and grading, different materials such as cells and backplanes can be separated, such as silicon wafers, copper and aluminum.

The separated materials are recycled. Silicon wafers can be reused in the manufacture of solar panels after recasting, purification and other processes; metal materials such as copper and aluminum can be reused in the manufacture of other products after smelting, casting and other processes.

How much does solar panel recycling cost?


The cost of recycling solar panels depends on many factors. The most important one is the price of the solar panel recycling equipment. But the price of the equipment is also affected by many factors, such as specifications and models. The number of solar panels processed determines which models to choose. For example, the YS-500 shredder, which can process 5,000-7,000 kg of solar panels per hour, costs about $5,000. But this is only one of many equipment. The models of other equipment required still need to know the exact quantity you want to process. Our company will provide you with the equipment and solutions that suit you according to your actual situation.

What is the recycling efficiency of our solar panel recycling equipment?

Efficient equipment can complete each step quickly and accurately, thus improving the efficiency of recycling. Our solar panel recycling equipment is like this. Because each of our equipment has a professional certificate. High-efficiency recycling is our guarantee to every customer. In addition to the performance of the equipment itself, scientific and reasonable management and operation are also the key to improving recycling efficiency. Maintaining the equipment in good condition, regularly inspecting and maintaining the equipment, and ensuring the stable operation of the equipment are all important factors in improving recycling efficiency.

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