E-waste recycling machinery includes disassembly, crushing, sorting, and chemical treatment equipment. Because they can extract valuable materials from waste electronic products and treat harmful substances, and obtain certain economic benefits. In addition, our recycling and treatment technology not only improves resource utilization but also promotes economic development. More importantly, our electronic waste recycling equipment has professional qualifications, and can improve recycling efficiency,and E-waste recycling machinery price is appropriate.


What advanced technologies and processes are used in our electronic waste recycling equipment?

One of the reasons why our electronic waste recycling equipment is so popular is that the equipment technology is advanced and efficient.


First of all, our eddy current separator uses advanced magnetic drums, and it has powerful permanent magnets inside. This is a key factor in improving sorting efficiency and recovery rate. In addition, our technology does not require the addition of any chemical reagents. It is a dry separation process that is environmentally friendly.

Drum screen

Our drum screen uses a screen of about 100 meshes, which can be efficiently screened and is equipped with a brush and water spray system to clean the drum mesh and prevent clogging. In addition, this e waste recycling machinery is not only reasonably priced, but also simple in structure and small in footprint.

Drum screen
Low temperature furnace

Low temperature furnace

Our low temperature furnace is constructed with lightweight refractory and insulation materials to reduce heat loss and maintain good insulation effect. It is also equipped with precision temperature control instruments to achieve precise control over a wide temperature range. More importantly, our low temperature furnace equipment has relatively low energy consumption and is more energy-efficient and efficient.

How much does our e-waste recycling equipment cost?

The price of e-waste recycling equipment is affected by many factors, such as the processing capacity of the equipment, the quality of the equipment, and the structure of the equipment.

What are our e-waste recycling equipment?

We have many electronic waste recycling equipment, and we will introduce you to three categories below.

Crushing equipment includes single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, and hammer crushers, which have different performances according to different models. But they are all used for electronic waste crushing and can handle a lot of electronic waste, with a wide range of treatment and high recycling efficiency.

Crushing equipment

First of all, this equipment is used to screen materials. It includes many equipment, such as eddy current separators, airflow screeners, magnetic separators, and specific gravity screeners. Which screening equipment you choose depends on your actual use. However, our screening equipment has professional qualifications, small footprint, low energy consumption and other advantages.

Screening equipment

Dust removal equipment is used to remove waste gas or wastewater during the recycling process. Although our other equipment is also environmentally friendly equipment, the electronic waste recycling process still requires professional dust removal equipment. For example, activated carbon adsorption box, pulse dust collector, bag dust collector and plasma purifier. Our dust removal equipment has patents, professional technology independently developed by our company, and the purification rate is as high as 99%.

Dust removal equipment

What is the development prospect of e-waste recycling?

The development prospect of the e-waste recycling industry is very optimistic, mainly driven by the following factors.

  • 1

    Global e-waste production growth

    With the rapid development of science and technology and the acceleration of electronic product replacement, global e-waste production is showing a rapid growth trend. Therefore, this provides a huge supply of raw materials for the e-waste recycling industry and stimulates the development of the industry.

  • 2

    Improvement of environmental protection awareness

    The improvement of public environmental awareness has prompted governments and enterprises to pay more attention to the treatment and recycling of e-waste, driving the demand for standardized and systematic development of the industry.

  • 3

    Increased demand for resource recycling

    E-waste contains a large amount of valuable metals and other materials, such as gold, silver, copper, etc. The effective recycling of these materials can not only reduce environmental pollution but also generate economic benefits.

  • 4

    Support of policies and regulations

    Many countries and regions around the world have begun to implement policies and regulations related to e-waste recycling, aiming to promote standardized management and efficient recycling of e-waste. For example, the EU’s WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive is a typical example.

  • 5

    Technological progress

    The continuous advancement of e-waste recycling technology has improved recycling efficiency and reduced recycling costs, which has enhanced the economic benefits of the e-waste recycling industry.

If you are interested in electronic waste recycling, you can come and consult us. Our company specializes in customizing electronic waste recycling solutions and recycling equipment to ensure that your various needs are met.


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