With the increase in global environmental awareness, everyone has a deeper understanding of the importance of electronic waste disposal. Moreover, e-waste contains a large amount of valuable metals and materials. Recycling and reusing these resources can reduce production costs and promote the development of a circular economy. Therefore, the purchase of e-waste recycling equipment is gradually increasing.

According to our statistical survey, They are the best selling e-waste recycling machine.

No. 1 magnetic separator for separating metals and non-metals from used electronic equipment.

In the process of e-waste recycling, many buyers buy magnetic separators from us, so what are its advantages?

No.2 a double-shaft shredder used for crushing materials.

When it comes to shredding materials, most buyers choose a dual-shaft shredder because of its many advantages.

No.3 a linear vibrating screen used for screening materials.

Linear vibrating screens are deeply loved by buyers, so its sales are gradually increasing. Its advantages are also worthy of your detailed understanding.

No.4 a specific gravity sorting machine that realizes material sorting.

The specific gravity sorter is also a very high-selling sorting equipment. It realizes material sorting based on the buoyancy and settling speed of materials under different densities.

The specific gravity sorting machine adopts advanced control systems and automation equipment to improve production efficiency.

The specific gravity sorting machine does not require additional energy consumption during the sorting process, and the energy consumption is low.

The specific gravity separator has a simple structure, is easy to operate, and is easy to clean and maintain.

No.5 Pulse dust collector for dust treatment.

The pulse dust collector has the following three major advantages that support its sales volume ranking among the top five.

The pulse dust collector adopts pulse injection dust removal method, which has high dust removal efficiency.

The pulse dust collector has the characteristics of simple structure and stable operation. Therefore, material properties and operating conditions do not easily affect the double-shaft shredder.

The pulse dust collector only uses less compressed air during the dust cleaning process and has lower energy consumption.

In addition to the above five best-selling electronic waste recycling machines, our company also has other equipment. Such as eddy current separators, circular vibrating screens and hammer crushers, etc. You are welcome to inquire.

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