Name:Linear Vibrating Screen
Power: 6.75 kW
Weight: 400 kg
Maximum capacity: 5000 kg per hour
Applications: Manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food and beverage plants, farms, printing shops, construction engineering, energy and mining, food and beverage stores, etc.

Linear vibrating screens screen and classify solid particles through vibration force and appropriate adjustment of vibration parameters and screen aperture. By utilizing efficient and rapid separation and screening effects, they play an important role in the process of solid-liquid separation and particle classification. Additionally, they can improve production efficiency, enhance product quality, and reduce costs, thereby meeting the production needs of different industries. Furthermore, linear vibrating screens have the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, and easy maintenance, making them widely used in various production processes.

What materials can linear vibrating screens process?

Linear vibrating screens have a wide range of applications and are often used for screening and classifying granular materials. Some granular materials that may be suitable are the following.

Does the linear vibrating screen have the functions of dust prevention and noise reduction?

Our linear vibrating screen has certain dust-proof and noise reduction functions, and the effect is excellent.

Dust-proof function

First of all, our linear vibrating screen will be equipped with sealing devices, such as rubber seals, seals and so on. This can reduce the possibility of material spilling from the screen during vibration, thereby reducing dust scattering and leakage. In addition, our linear shakers can be equipped with dust removal equipment such as dust collectors or dust removers to further reduce dust emissions.

Noise reduction function

Because the linear vibrating screen will produce a certain noise when it vibrates. So in order to reduce the impact of noise, our linear shaker will take some noise control measures. For example, companies can reduce noise levels by using soundproofing materials, shock absorbers, and reducing vibration frequencies.

Why should you choose our linear vibrating screen?

Our linear vibrating screen has many advantages worthy of your choice, which I will introduce to you.

Reliable quality

Our linear screens have undergone strict quality control and inspection to ensure product reliability and stability.

High production efficiency

Our linear screen can separate solid particles quickly and efficiently, improving production efficiency.

Advanced technology

Our linear screens feature advanced technology and design. Therefore, it can perform filtering and grading operations more efficiently and accurately.

Wide scope of application

Our linear screens are suitable for the screening needs of multiple industries and materials, and have greater flexibility and breadth of application.

Good customer reputation

Users have recognized and trusted our linear screens, which have gained a good reputation in the market.

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